Downloader 6 complete guide

If you’d rather quickstart guide, here's a video guide
If you have download errors or detection problems, read the FAQ.


VSO Downloader 6 is a software allowing to download media from Internet.
It's designed for unexperienced users but provide advanced features for users with higher degree of awardness.
As state in french laws, No DRM media can be decrypted with this software.

II]Basic usage

vso downloader main downloading
  1. General setup
    • License information
      Open License information panel. It reports your license information and allow to activate your software if needed
    • Community
      Open the community menu allowing notally to join the VSO software translation program (to improve software translation quality)
    • Settings
      Open the Downloader settings panel allowing to set application wide configuration (see chapter III] Settings)
    • Help Menu
      Open the help menu containing notally:
        • Open Log: to consult application event journalization.
        • VSO technical center : to report bug to the VSO team for fixing.
        • Various links to Downloader manual, video guide and FAQ
        • Manual update: to manually check if software upgrades are available.
        • About: consult software version information (Downloader, download engine, FFMPEG)
  2. General controls

    WARNING: Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is a form of digital encryption.
    Protection is applied to the copyrights of multimedia files to control or limit their distribution.
    Our software cannot download a video with this protection.
    For example, a video on Netflix cannot be downloaded with our software because of DRM.

    • Download modes
      VSO Downloader 6 offers 3 modes to detect and download media:
        • Manual mode:
          In this mode, you can freely enter URL manually in the dedicated field or drag/drop the URL from the browser. The software will seek the webpage for media to download.
          Note that more and more video are hidden by lot of technical means: If a media fails to be detected in manual mode, it has more chance to be detected in Radar Mode.
        • Clipboard mode:
          This mode is analog to the previous one except that urls are scanned from the clipboard: you just have to copy the media URL for the download to be added.
        • Radar mode: 
          The radar mode is really the simpliest to use and also the most accurate one:
          Navigate with any browser to the page with the video or audio you want to download, (play the media if not already detected) and the media will appear in VSO Downloader download list.
          The bullet near the radar tells you the number of candidate urls in the scanner queue.

          Radar scans web traffic induced by your browsing experience in order to track presented media.
          As this mode have all browser informations, it can detect a lot more media than other modes.
          Note that most of videos requiring to be logged will only be detected in this mode.

    • Download Folder
      Open the destination folder in you file explorer
    • Clean Finished
      Remove all finished downloads from the list.
    • Sort downloads
      Sort download list according date, filename or url
  3. Individual item controls
    • Start download
      Start and pause media download.
      When finished, you can either double click the download item to open it with your media player or click the folder icon to open it in your file explorer
    • Close download
      Remove download from the list without deleting downloaded
    • Download Settings
      Allow finer configuration of your download by explicitly choicing
        • Video resolution:
          Most streaming platforms propose several resolution of the same video. You can select which one you want to download.
        • Subtitles language:
          This control which subtitle tracks you want to embed in your final downloaded video.
        • Conversion:
          Force the desired output format. If downloaded don't fit these requirement, it will then be converted.
          Conversion formats available are MP4 (frequent format), MKV (multi-purpose), MOV (apple users) and MP3 (for audio)
          More formats are available in ConvertXtoVideo, our all-in-one conversion tool. Try it out!
          vso downloader right click
    • Download details
      Give useful information about your download as well as advanced features for experienced users (explicit stream selection, headers customization...)

III] Settings:
downloader settings profiles
      • General
        - Language: Language used application wide (used to select download audio stream too)
        - Translator ID: ID of a VSO Translation user to test his custom software translations.
        - Download mode: Choose between our three download modes and it will be automatically assigned when you open the downloader in the future.
        - Update policy: Choose preferred options for update notifications & installation.
        - Maximum simultaneous info fetching: Choose your maximum of info fetching simultaneous.
        - Maximum simultaneous downloads: Choose your maximum of downloads in simultaneous.
        - Maximum simultaneous conversions: Choose your maximum of conversions in simultaneous.
        - Show automatically generated subtitles: don't hide automatic subtitles
        - Purge finished items on close: remove finished from the list when application is close.

      • Source auto selection
        - Preferred resolution: Choose between our resolutions and it will be automatically assigned at your download in the future.
        - Preferred subtitle(s): Choose your favorite subtitle(s) and it will be assigned at your future download if your video has it.
        - Prefer speed over quality: Alter how download source is selected in order to minimize download time. (mainly for youtube)
      • Download
        - Working folder: Location of the folder used by VSO to extract and process your files.
        - Download folder: Default directory where finished downloads end.
        - Auto start newly added: Add to your software startup your newly added.
        - Authentications: Use it as needed to sign in to an account to access your future download video, for example with Vimeo.
      • Media Detection
        - Media size filter: Choose your minimum media size in MB, below that, media is excluded from downloading.
        - Mime type filtering: Exclude URLs with these types from delection, it’s a filter.
        - Forbidden headers: Remove these headers from scanned requests.
        - Ad filtering: Filtering ads to block them.
      • Conversion
        - Conversion profiles: Choose a common conversion profile (used as default for all downloads).
        - Enable audio normalization: This allows you to adjust the sound volume of your audio tracks to make your listening/watching comfortable.
      • Accessibility
        - Zoom factor: Difficulties at reading the text? Use the zoom to increase the visual size of the software, or decrease it!
        - Application theme: Dark and Light, and choose your flavor!

        Lost in settings? Hit the Reset to default button.