Getting started!

If you’d rather video quickstart guide, here it is
If you have download errors or detection problems, read this.

Download VSO Downloader, install, and run it after installation. You have 3 modes to download your videos:
  • Manual mode:
    Click on the hand, you can enter the URL manually in the dedicated field or drag/drop the URL from the browser.
  • Clipboard mode:
     Click on the clipboard, you just have to copy the media URL for the download to be added.
  • Radar mode: 
    Click on the radar, when the animation comes, it’s active. A bullet appears on the radar and tells you the pending URL count in the scanner queue.
    Navigate with any browser to the page with the video or audio you want to download. Play the streaming file (in the case it doesn’t start playing automatically) and as soon as the media (audio or video) is detected il will appear in VSO Downloader.

    Your radar is on and it can't find your video?
    Please, go on the video web page and make a Ctrl + f5 to refresh it.

    How to upload a video on a website asking for identifiers? (Excluding DRM)
    Please, go to the website, insert your identifiers through your browser and view the webpage of your video.
    Then activate the radar, and do a Ctrl + f5 on the web page of your video for the uploader to capture it.
    Finally, your download begins!

    In Downloader 6, browsing with Radar Mode enabled is sometimes detected as a bot.
    To protect again malicious behavior, several sites may require a "are you human" verification.
    A good way to avoid that is to turn in Manual Mode on these sites the first time you browse to them
    (Most security protocols happen only when you entered for the first time on a website)

    Let’s take YouTube. You should see something like this:

    vso downloader main downloading

    Different options are available on the file:
  • You can start/resume, pause, or stop (if still in progress).
    You have had a download error? Click on restart download and the download will start again from scratch.
  • To rename the file, click on the name, when renaming, forget about the extension, just name your file and press enter: the extension will apply right away.
  • You can click on show/hide download settings before the complete download. Choose resolution, sources and add subtitles.
    More formats are available in ConvertXtoVideo, our all-in-one conversion tool. Try it out!

vso downloader right click

Once the file is successfully downloaded, you can either play it with the default media player on your PC.
Click on the case will open the folder where your downloads are stored.
The output folder is indicated and can be changed in Settings > Download Download folder.

WARNING: Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is a form of digital encryption.
Protection is applied to the copyrights of multimedia files to control or limit their distribution.
Our software cannot download a video with this protection.
For example, a video on Netflix cannot be downloaded with our software because of DRM.


- Support us: A link to our website.
- Join the VSO translation program: Want to help us translate the software? It’s this way.
- Social Networks: See you soon on our social networks.


Click on Settings. Here are displayed different categories as below:

downloader settings profiles
  • General
    - Language: Choose your language.
    - Translator ID: Apply your own traduction present in VSO Translation Program.
    - Download mode: Choose between our three download modes and it will be automatically assigned when you open the downloader in the future.
    - Update policy: Choose preferred options for update notifications & installation.
    - Purge: Purge your items on Close.

  • Download
    - Working folder: Location of the folder used by VSO to extract and process your files.
    - Download folder: Default directory where finished downloads end.
    - Maximum simultaneous info fetching: Choose your maximum of info fetching simultaneous.
    - Maximum simultaneous downloads: Choose your maximum of downloads in simultaneous.
    - Maximum simultaneous conversions: Choose your maximum of conversions in simultaneous.
    - Preferred resolution: Choose between our resolutions and it will be automatically assigned at your download in the future.
    - Preferred subtitle(s): Choose your favorite subtitle(s) and it will be assigned at your future download if your video has it.
    - Auto start newly added: Add to your software startup your newly added.
    - Automatically generated subtitles: Generate your subtitles automatically on your next download if your video has them.
    - Authentications: Use it as needed to sign in to an account to access your future download video, for example with Vimeo.

  • Media Detection
    - Media size filter: Choose your minimum media size in MB, below that, media is excluded from downloading.
    - Mime type filtering: Exclude URLs with these types from delection, it’s a filter.
    - Forbidden headers: Remove these headers from scanned requests.
    - Ad filtering: Filtering ads to block them.

  • Conversion
    - Conversion profiles: Choose a common conversion profile (for advanced conversions, check ConvertXtoVideo).
    - Enable audio normalization: This allows you to adjust the sound volume of your audio tracks to make your listening/watching comfortable.

  • Accessibility
    - Zoom factor: Difficulties at reading the text? Use the zoom to increase the visual size of the software, or decrease it!
    - Application theme: Find 2 modes, dark and light, and choose your camp!

    Not convinced by your previous settings? Reset them to default values.

Help, About, Support

- Help: Find different tools to help you like VSO technical support, tutorials, and a link to our forum.
- Update: Check for any software update
- About: Find your current software version information (Engine, FFMPEG, and program uses)