» Summer Newsletter

2017-06-30 rss
If you fancy a discount (or better, winning a VSO license), if you want to be able to watch TV on your PC, turn a video into Black & White and make sure you stay away from internet scams, then check out our Summer Newsletter!

» June Newsletter

2017-06-01 rss
We have released a new version of our media player VMP, and all the low down is in our June Newsletter, along with some other cool info and tips!

» May Newsletter

2017-05-04 rss
In the May issue of our newsletter, you'll find a "Buy 1, Gget 1 free" deal, a poll about our upcoming ConvertXtoVideo 3, tips to make amazing custom menus and a guide to the latest, not to be missed TV shows!

» New ConvertXtoDVD 7 and ConvertXtoHD 3

2017-03-31 rss
It's official! ConvertXtoDVD 7 is out, along with ConvertXtoHD 3 !
Both software have been updated with an amazing new Menu editor.
Now you can create, save and share custom menus for your DVD or Blu-rays!

Download the 7 day full and free trial now!

Find out more about those new versions (and how to win a license) in our April Newsletter

» ConvertXtoDVD 7 Beta and March Newsletter

2017-03-03 rss
Are you ready for ConvertXtoDVD 7? Good news: you can already download the Beta version! Find out more about it, as well as other great news, in our March Newsletter!

» VSO Downloader 5 + February Newsletter

2017-02-03 rss
VSO Downloader 5 is officially released!!! This version is faster, more powerful and simply the best to download streaming videos and audio from the internet!

Read all about it in our February Newsletter

» New VSO Media Player update

2017-01-19 rss
Our own FREE media player VMP has been upgraded with lots of new keyboard shortcuts, so it's never been easier to use!
Finally a reliable, versatile and free media player for impeccable video and audio playback, get it now!

» January Newsletter

2017-01-05 rss
The VSO Team wishes you an exceptionally happy New Year!
How about starting it with winning a VSO Goldmembership ? To find out more and get get our latest tips, read our January Newsletter!

» December Newsletter

2016-11-25 rss
Read our December Newsletter to find out the coupon code to get 20% off our software, check out our Xmas gift guide, find out more about our new website design, add some great DVD & Blu-ray menu templates to your collection and more!

» November Newsletter

2016-11-04 rss
Our November newsletter is out! Check it out if you're a ConvertXtoDVD fan, a VMP fan or simply a VSO fan: there are some good news inside!

» October Newsletter

2016-09-29 rss
Trick or read our October newsletter!
Inside you'll find a spooky Halloween menu template, news about super fast conversions and adding .gif files as watermarks, tips to learn a new language and how to clip a picture to do a photo montage!

» Back to school newsletter

2016-09-09 rss
        Find out what we’ve been up to this summer by reading our September newsletter: news, updates, guides and even a contest to easily win a VSO product! Also, there is a great tutorial to backup the great videos you took this summer with your phone/camcorder.

» New Remux feature added in ConvertXtoDVD and ConvertXtoHD

2016-09-02 rss
  We have released new versions of our ConvertXtoDVD and ConvertXtoHD with various corrections but namely a major feature request added, the function "Smart copy": which will remux (copy without converting) the source video track if it is fully compatible.  When applicable this speeds up the conversion time tremendously.

To be able to use this feature, the source tracks (video, audio or subtitle) must be fully compatible with selected output format. More info here.

You will find this new feature in "Default Settings" "Encoding". Download the new versions here.

» Summer Newsletter

2016-06-30 rss
Let's celebrate summer with a special discount! Find our who won our avatar contest, discover all you can do with a VPN, add a beach template to your menu list, listen to our special playlists, in other words: read our summer newsletter!

» June Newsletter

2016-06-06 rss
  Are you wondering what we're working on, how to get our programs FOR FREE, how to speed up        conversions, etc?
  Then read our June newsletter! You'll also be able to vote for your favourite VSO avatar!

» May Newsletter

2016-04-28 rss
Read our May newsletter to get the latest news, our most popular tutorials and a special movie lover gift guide right on time for Mother's day!
Oh and also you could win a Goldmember license...

» April Newsletter

2016-03-31 rss
If you want to know all about the latest additions to the VSO team, new products and get a discount coupon, read our April Newsletter!

» New major versions

2016-03-15 rss
We've recently released 3 new major versions!
If you use ConvertXtoVideo, Blu-ray Converter Ultimate or DVD Converter then it's time to upgrade! (and if you don't yet use them, it's time to check them out!)

ConvertXtoVideo 2 has a brand new watermark editor, a webcam live recorder, an image quality enhancer and you can now mix videos and pictures together!

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate and DVD Converter 4 now convert to 4k, offer an image quality enhancer, a watermark editor, the '"touch screen" compatibility, an improved cut/seek function and more!

Download them now!  Check here if you're entitled to a free upgrade.

» February Newsletter

2016-02-05 rss
  A new major release, as well as Cupid, have made their way into our February Newsletter!

» New major releases: ConvertXtoDVD 6 and ConvertXtoHD 2

2016-01-14 rss
 It's now official! ConvertXtoDVD 6 and ConvertXtoHD 2 are RELEASED!

 We couldn't be more proud of the new features added to the software:
- a brand new menu editor with full customization options
- a watermark/copyright editor
- an audio normalizer
- an image perfection wizard .... and more!

Take advantage of the full and free 7 day trial to enjoy these new versions.. and never look back!
Download ConvertXtoDVD 6
Download ConvertXtoHD 2

» ConvertXtoDVD 6: the beta version is here!

2015-12-17 rss
We couldn't be more excited for the release of ConvertXtoDVD 6, coming very soon! You can already get your hands on the beta version!
Discover the new features including the new menu editor, and never look back! Also make sure you show off your beta tester badge that we've made specially for you. 

» December newsletter

2015-11-26 rss
 Santa came early and brought the December newsletter!  It is filled with goodies: a discount, a gift guide, exciting VSO Downloader news, and a special present!

» New updates to download!

2015-11-20 rss
    New versions of our video converters have been published: ConvertXtoDVD, ConvertXtoHD, ConvertXtoVideo, DVD Converter and Blu-ray Converter.
   Download them now to enjoy the updates. 
   ConvertXtoHD users in particular will be happy to see more settings available for hardware encoder and decoders, see example here.

» Newsletter: November issue!

2015-11-05 rss

  The November newsletter has arrived! 
  Check it out for the latest on ConvertXtoDVD 6, help us choose the new DVD menu, share your opinion and discover the best VPN encryption solution to protect your ID on the net!

» October newsletter

2015-10-01 rss

Rarely has a newsletter have such exciting content, especially if you’re a interested in ConvertXtoDVD 6 or becoming a Goldmember-for free!
Also if you’re a ConvertXtoDVD 5 user, we have a special treat for you, so read our October newsletter now!

» September Newsletter

2015-08-27 rss

To cheer you up on these difficult "back to the office" times, we've included some exciting news in our September Newsletter!
Find out about the forthcoming ConvertXtoDVD 6 (yes, you read well!)
+ what we've been up to this summer
+ some great tips, as usual!

» Windows 10 compatibility

2015-08-03 rss

All our software are Windows 10 compatible!
Make sure you have the latest version if you're upgrading to 10, if not download it here.

» Newsletter, summer special!

2015-07-02 rss

Our summer newsletter is a mandatory reading for a stress-free vacation!
Read our tips to stay entertained on the road, keep the kids quiet and make your time away very special!

» June Newsletter

2015-06-04 rss

Do you want to be the proud owner of a free Goldmember license?
Find out how (along with some other great news) in our June newsletter! 

» New updates available for ConvertXtoVideo, Blu-ray Converter and DVD Converter!

2015-05-28 rss
New versions of ConvertXtoVideo, DVD Converter and Blu-ray Converter are available!
They include support for OpenCL (ATI/AMD) and compatibility with latest NVIDIA updates (among other improvements) for even quicker conversions.

Update your software now!

» New: VSO introduction video

2015-05-19 rss

Check out our new company video!
Become a VSO addict now!

» New! H265 codec support

2015-05-05 rss

Good News! We now support videos with the new H265 codec as intput in all our video conversion programs!
If you use ConvertXtoDVD, ConvertXtoVideo, ConvertXtoHD, Blu-ray Converter or DVD Converter, make you sure you have downloaded our latest versions!

» Newsletter, May Issue

2015-04-30 rss

No news about the royal baby but some great info nonetheless in our May Newsletter!
Find out about the new H265 format support, how to clean your PC, how to deal with ISO files, and more!

» April Newsletter

2015-04-02 rss
No hidden rabbits or Easter egg hunt in our April newsletter, but great new features info, a discount coupon and a guide to burn your HD videos without a Blu-ray burner or player!

» Newsletter, March issue

2015-03-04 rss

Our March Newsletter is out! Discover the new audio normalization feature, and much more.

Also, if you want to know where the Star Wars crew is currently filming, read this.

» VSO Video Converter becomes ConvertXtoVideo!

2015-02-10 rss
In a bid to make our product range clearer, we have changed the name of our all-in-one, universal converter VSO Video Converter.

It is now called ConvertXtoVideo.

 Enjoy the brand new 7 day completely free trial to try this new version and you will be amazed by the quality, conversion speeed and ease of use!

If you already own a VSO Video Converter license or a Goldmembership, nothing changes: your key is still valid for the new program.

» Our ultimate Valentine's day gift guide

2015-02-06 rss

If your other half is a movie or TV series fan, then look no further for the perfect gift idea: check out our selection for Valentine's day!

» Newsletter: February Issue

2015-01-30 rss

Read our newsletter: for once there is no Valentine stuff in our February Issue!
There are on the other hands new features unveiled, a survey and more!
Don't forget to subrcribe to our newsletter and our blog if you don't want to miss any info!

» 2015 is here!

2015-01-08 rss
The new year has just started and it is spoiling us already:

Read our newsletter and find out how we'll help you keep your good resolutions.

Also, a discount coupon is hidden inside!

» ConvertXtoHD officially released!

2014-12-15 rss
 We're very pleased to announce the official release of our brand new program: ConvertXtoHD
 Now you can give any of your videos the Blu-ray treatment by converting and burning them to Blu-ray or AVCHD.
 And of course, there are advanced options (image and video editing + Blu-ray menu creation+ live preview) to make sure you make custom and super fast conversions with exceptional quality!
 Give it a try now!

» VSO's gift guide for Christmas

2014-12-12 rss

If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping, we're coming to the rescue.
We've come up with a great list of gift ideas for the movie and TV show lovers! Enjoy!

» A real treat before Xmas!

2014-11-27 rss

Start the holiday season with free stuff, goodies and a discount!
Read our newsletter, special gift issue!

» Check our new blog!

2014-11-21 rss

Get the low-down on new shows and movies, check out fun internet stuff, play trivias to win VSO licences and discover life at VSO with our new Blog!

Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any of the great posts from our very own super hero Videora!

» November Newsletter

2014-11-03 rss
 In our latest newsletter, we need you to help us choose a name for our next product.
 In return, we'll help you become a DVD menu customization expert, and more!

 Our November issue is available here.

» VSO newsletter, October issue

2014-10-08 rss

Read our  October newsletter: it contains all the latest news, a great cloud offer, a video guide on how to cut off video parts, etc!

» New versions available!

2014-09-18 rss
UPDATE  your VSO Video Converter, Blu-ray Converter Ultimate and/or DVD Converter!

Loads of improvements: Cuda support reintroduced, better subtitle management
and new features:  HD Audio 7.1, custom profile editor with even more advanced settings (H264) and new Iphone 6 format !

» ConvertXtoDVD 5: major update!

2014-09-04 rss
A new update for ConvertXtoDVD 5 is available!
A much-awaited new version with "THE" new burning engine!
Download v here

Only a few days left!! You have until Monday, 8th September to get 20% off any VSO purchase with the code backtoschool.

» Back to school!

2014-08-29 rss

Summer is over!
It's time to go back to work, and VSO is helping you through this ordeal with a discount, an ice bucket video, a contest, and more news!
Read all about it in our September newsletter!

» New VSO Downloader release

2014-08-06 rss
A new update of our streaming downloader, VSO Downloader is available!

It offers, among other things (complete log here):
- an updated interface with a new "deactivate/reactivate detection" feature and access to more options.
- improved Unicode support 
- more websites supported and fixes for those that were "broken" (like popular music websites)

Download it now!

» Summer discount

2014-07-04 rss
 To celebrate July 4th and summer for the rest of the world (or winter for Australia), we're happy to offer a 20% discount on all our programs!

Enter the code SUMMER in our shopping cart
Hurry, the offer ends on Monday July, 7th

Also we just sent out our monthly newsletter!

» Newsletter, June Issue

2014-06-03 rss
And... action! Read our June newsletter and learn, amongst other things, how to set VSO Media Player as your default PC video/audio player, get a discount on ConvertXtoDVD upgrades and make some amazing pop-corn!

» New Major Version:  VSO Downloader 4

2014-05-13 rss
JUST IN! New VSO Downloader 4!

Download streaming videos with even more ease and possibilities with our FREEWARE!
This new  major version supports new protocols and offers a thumbnail view of the video being downloaded for immediate identification.
No more time wasted on waiting for download completion to check if you have the right video.

Download the free version here.  And why not use our VSO Media Player to play your downloaded videos ? A new version has also been released.

» Newsletter: May Issue

2014-05-02 rss
Our newsletter, May Issue is out!

Subscribe if you don't want to miss out on any news, deals, tips, etc...

» April Newsletter

2014-03-28 rss

No April fools prank in our Newsletter!
Just great news, great ideas and great guides!

Because at VSO, we take our customers seriously :-)

» New VSO Media Player update

2014-03-25 rss
We have just released a new update of our free media player, VMP!
It offers a new interface with a clearer playlist view (with thumbnails) and an easier loading (with improved content analyzer) and display of DVD and Blu-ray content.
Download it now!

» VSO Newsletter, March Issue

2014-02-28 rss
Are you wondering how to catch up with all the oscars movies, get the best blu-ray player, get a free Goldmember license, rotate your videos and more?

Then read our Newsletter, March issue, just out!

» Get an Anti-malware software for free when buying VSO Video Converter!

2014-02-17 rss
If you needed an extra reason to buy our new, all-in-on, awesome video converter, there you have it! Buy VSO Video Converter and receive a 1-year licence of Emsisoft Anti-Malware  (worth 39.99$/€ ) for free.

We have partnered with the Austrian internet & PC security specialist Emsisoft to bring you this incredible deal.
Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a complete antivirus solution that provides overall protection against all kinds of threats lurking on the internet. It has been awarded with “Advanced+“,  the best award possible in AV-Comparatives’ “Real-World” Protection Test.

Offer applies for NEW purchases of a 1-year or Lifetime licences of VSO Video Converter, from Feb, 4th, 2014 and while stocks last. Valid on purchases from our shopping cart only

» February Newsletter

2014-02-04 rss

Whether you root for the Olympics or Valentine Day this February, read our newletter to make the most of both events!
Find out how to get a free top-end antivirus licence, how to get ready for Sotchi, how to rescue old tapes and more!

» Newsletter: New Year issue

2014-01-06 rss

Start the year as you mean to go on: by reading our newsletter every month!
  The January issue has now hit the shelves! Find out about Blu-ray menus, how to make the most of your Hi-tech Christmas presents and how to burn big video projects

» Start off 2014 with a discount!

2013-12-30 rss

Happy New Year!!!
May 2014 make all your wishes come true... starting with a 20% discount on all our products: enter the code newyear in our shopping cart.
Offer ends Jan, 3rd.

» Cyber Monday Discount

2013-12-02 rss
It's Cyber Monday!
Get 20% off your software purchase today with the code CYBER  in our shopping cart!
(valid on 2nd Dec only)

» December Newsletter

2013-11-28 rss

Carving the turkey will have to wait, our newsletter is just out!
Read it if you want to get a discount, create videos with HD or Blu-ray structures, get ready for a great Christmas, and more!

» Windows 8.1

2013-11-13 rss

All our software are compatible with the new Windows 8.1, 32 and 64 bits!
Don't forget to update your version if needed.

» November Newsletter

2013-11-05 rss

You don't need to be a geek to read our newsletter!
In the November issue you'll find out what we're working on, a guide to displaying subtitles correctly and more...

» New Blu-ray and DVD Converters 3!

2013-10-17 rss

We’re happy to announce the official release of the new Blu-ray Converter Ultimate and DVD converter Version 3!

These major versions bring the following new features:

- New interface
- Dozens of new themes to personalize interface
- Faster engine
- New conversion profiles: Android and Ipad phones and tablets, webm, ogg, mp3, avchd, m2ts, and more
- 2 pass encoding

New editing window including:
- Streams displayed in a timeline
- Better chapter management
- Cut editing to remove unwanted parts of the video
- Post processing image correction
- Advanced subtitle edition

Download Blu-ray Converter Ultimate 3 and DVD Converter 3 here.

» Newsletter, October issue

2013-10-04 rss

Did you know halloween monters can cast a spell on you if you don't read our newsletter ?
Go ahead and find out what's new this month, and also get your say in the choice of our next product!

» New website design and September Newsletter

2013-08-30 rss
Have you noticed our new website design ? And it's only the beginning!
We have more news for you in our September newsletter.
Read it and subscribe if you haven't already done so.

» Free VSO MKV WebM Converter out!

2013-07-25 rss
We have our own (almost) royal baby! It isnt' called George, but Free VSO MKV WebM Converter!

A great alternative to the VSO Video Converter (released earlier this month) if you only want to convert any video types to the popular WebM and Mkv formats. And yes it's FREE and complete with 100% editing options available!
It also offers audio ogg as output if you need to strip off the audio from a video

Download our VSO Free MKV WebM Converter now!

» New VSO Video Converter!

2013-07-04 rss
Dear Client, please meet VSO Video Converter. It's our new universal tool to convert your videos into any format.
Together you will make beautiful video projects that you will be able to play on any device. VSO Video Converter is totally customizable, full of options and will fulfill all your video conversion and edition needs with ultimate speed and quality.
We wish you faithful and happy relationship! :-)

Read our Newsletter,  Summer edition for more info and other news.

» Newsletter: June Issue

2013-06-03 rss

Lots of useful info, ways to save money and how to use our software like a pro...

It's all in our Newsletter, June Issue!

» Newsletter: May Issue

2013-04-30 rss

Get more out of our software by reading our monthly Newsletter: on top of providing useful info, it might also get you richer and wiser !

See how exactly in this month issue.

» VSO Newsletter, April Issue

2013-04-03 rss
After feeding your body Easter chocolate,  now is the time to feed your brain...
with our April Newsletter!

You will gain new knowledge and zero calorie :-)

» Newsletter, March issue

2013-03-04 rss
Wanna make your ConvertXtoDVD even cooler than it is ? Read the March Issue of our Newsletter and find out how to customize the sound notifications.
And next time you complete a conversion, you'll be notified by Lord Vader, Homer Simpson or your own cat meowing!
Discover also the new ConvertX Batch converter, and more news inside!

» New VSO Downloader 3!

2013-02-06 rss
We're so excited to bring you the major new version of our free streaming downloader: VSO Downloader 3!!!

It brings more supported protocols and the possibility to add subtitles to your downloaded files, amongst other new features.
Download it now!

In just a few months of being released, VSO Downloader has been approved and praised by the whole community: see what everybody has to say about it in our Review widget

» Newsletter, Feb Issue

2013-02-01 rss

Warning: reading our Newsletter will make you smarter !!

In our February Issue, find out about a brand new release and how to make two people happy (including you) this Valentine....

» Welcome to 2013!

2013-01-02 rss

Our very own psychic has promised us and all of you a great and eventful 2013!
Start off by reading our January newsletter.

» VSO Newsletter, December Issue

2012-12-03 rss
This year, make Santa's work easier... find out how in our December Newsletter!

» ConvertXtoDVD 5 Official Release!

2012-11-23 rss

It's official!  ConvertXtoDVD 5 is out!
We're very happy to share with you this new version, that brings video conversion to a new level.
Packed with new features but still as easy to use as ever... Check out for yourself:
Download it here

If you're not sure why to update, read this guide
The press release is available here.

» Newsletter, November Issue

2012-11-05 rss

ConvertxtoDVD 5 beta is out and available to everybody! Read about it and more in our November issue of the Newsletter.

» VSO programs compatible with Windows 8

2012-10-26 rss
The new Windows 8 is out today !
We're happy to announce that all our programs are compatible and certified for Windows 8.

» Newsletter, October Issue

2012-10-09 rss

Info and news are falling like autumn leaves, and they all landed in the VSO Newsletter, October Issue!
Read about ConvertXtoDVD 5 vs version 4, how never to miss any of your fav series, etc in the newsletter here .

» New DVD Converter and Blu-ray Converter Ultimate 2 + September Newsletter

2012-09-05 rss
We are happy to announce the official release of the new major version 2 of our Blu-ray Converter and DVD Converter Ultimate programs.
A new interface filled with many new options: the software are indeed called "Ultimate" for a reason :-)

Amongst other improvements, you will find:
* faster conversions with hardware decoding and simultaneous conversions available
* enhanced quality with 2 pass option and padding/cropping features
* new integrated video player for exact audio and subtitles selection
* new custom profiles....

Download the new versions here.

More news
in our September Newsletter!
Read it if you want to know what we've been up to this summer (sorry no bikini or beach photos inside :-)

» Newsletter, July issue

2012-07-03 rss
If you want to get all the low-down on our latest info, read the newsletter!
The July Issue is packed with news, tutorials and more...

Also we wish a happy 4th of July to all our US fans!

» Newsletter, June Issue

2012-06-01 rss

June is here! Along with the humming bees and the sunshine, the VSO Newsletter is out!
If you don't receive it on your inbox every month, register here. It's free and contains useful info and guides.

» Newsletter: May Issue

2012-05-03 rss
Get your monthly dose of VSO news! Prescribed by the best IT doctors!
In the May issue of our newsletter you will find out about the new subtitle editor, VSO's birthday, how to remove the protection and the DVD standard, etc...

» New CopyTo 5 OUT!

2012-04-05 rss

It's now official, the new CopyToDVD 5, our complete burning suite, is released today.
This version follows up CopyToDVD 4 and has a new name, has new options and a new design.
Read the complete product description or press release to see how CopyTo 5 will fulfill all your burning needs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Audio, MP3, ISO, multisession, etc.)
Right on time with our current discount (see news below)!

» Easter discount!

2012-04-04 rss

Better than chocolate: the VSO Easter coupon!
Take 20% off your purchase until April 10th with the code EGGS-OCTM-VSO in our online shop

» April Newsletter out!

2012-04-02 rss

A new ConvertX 5 preview video, a discount coupon, a Copyto 5 manual, loads of info...
No it's not Christmas ! It's the VSO newsletter, April issue!

» Newsletter: March issue

2012-03-06 rss

In this new issue, we unveil a feature of the forthcoming ConvertX 5 and other info! Read it now!

» Newsletter: Valentine Edition

2012-02-01 rss

Yes, at VSO we have a soft spot too!
Check out our Feburuary Newsletter : it is filled with tech info and also ideas for a unique Valentine's day!

» VSO Newsletter: January issue is out

2012-01-10 rss
Repeat after me: "In 2012, I will read the monthly VSO newsletter and not miss out on any news or tips about my favourite programs"

One New Year resolution that you won't break: Subscribe to our Newsletter!
Read the January issue now

» New Year wishes and coupon

2011-12-30 rss
Did you Miss out on the last coupon? Here's one last coupon to for 2011 and to bring on the New Year:

Get 15% off your purchase of any VSO product with the code NEW-L49Y-YEAR in our shopping cart (offer ends Jan 1st)

Wishing you a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!
- From the whole VSO Software Team 

» Xmas discount!

2011-12-20 rss
How about a good discount to end the year in style ?

Take 20% off your purchase of any VSO product with the code XMAS-IG2M-SNOW
in our shopping cart (offer ends 25th Dec)

Merry Christmas!

» New product +new option

2011-12-19 rss
Xmas is coming early at VSO! We are releasing DVD To DVD, to make 1:1 copies of your DVDs. For those of you who need a simple program to carry out one task: duplicate your DVDs, nice, quick and easy!

Also, we have added a GREAT new option to VSO Downloader: an MP3 converter. Now you can convert your downloaded videos to MP3, make audio compilations, get those live youtube videos to your MP3 player or burn to CD...
Nice and FREE (and Santa hasn't even arrived yet!)

» New updates: Blu-ray Converter and DVD Converter

2011-12-02 rss

Update your DVD Converter Ultimate & Blu-ray Converter Ultimate, Blu-ray to AVI, Blu-ray to DVD, Blu-ray to PS3, Blu-ray to MKV: new version is out!
This version has new themes, new custom profiles, forced subtitles supported, better MKV subtitle support, full screen preview, translations updated and other issues corrected!

» VSO Newsletter: December Issue

2011-12-01 rss

The countdown to Xmas has begun...
Read our latest newsletter and find out how VSO will spoil you this year :-)
Warning: HOT news inside!

» Cyber Monday Special Offer!

2011-11-28 rss
Today Only! Huge Cyber Monday discount: 40% on all our software!

Enter the code cyber in the shopping cart

» Read our newsletter: November Issue

2011-11-03 rss

Our latest newsletter is out! Read it to catch up on the latest news, deals, and tips.
This month you get to know one of VSO developer and check out great reviews of our great products !

Subscribe here.

» Trick or Treat

2011-10-28 rss
Better than a bag of sweets: get 20% off any VSO product for Halloween!
Enter the code WICK-90AS-WEEN in the shopping cart. (offer valid until Nov, 1st).

Remember to take a picture of your funniest/cutest Halloween costume and send it to us, our 5 favourites will get a free licence update.

And finally: we've changed the logo and interface of VSO Downloader, download your new version now! (it's still FREE).

» New updates: Blu-ray Converter and DVD Converter

2011-10-20 rss

We have just released two important updates for Blu-ray Converter Ultimate (including all sub-versions: DVD, AVI, MKV, PS3)  and DVD Converter Ultimate.

Check out the new interface with a single window for video and settings selection.
Download your update here!

» New Freeware: VSO Media player

2011-10-14 rss
We did it AGAIN! We are releasing a new app: VSO Media Player.
It's a great audio and video player, and it's FREE

Easy to use, reads all kinds of files, manages playlists... it even makes popcorn supports subtitles! :-)

Ditch your current media player and install VMP now!

Read the Press Release

» VSO Newsletter: October issue

2011-10-04 rss
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» New Product Alert: DVD Converter

2011-09-15 rss
What ? Two new product releases in two weeks ????
Yes !  DVD Converter is out: it converts (and burns) your DVDs to any format: Avi, Mkv, Ipad/Ipod/Iphone, Ps3, Xbox AND DVD!

Check it out now!

Though it's very easy to use, we have a Tutorial to guide you though the software's features.

The Press Release is available for all those who want to know the low-down.

» New product release: VSO Downloader!

2011-09-01 rss
Exciting news!!! We've been working all summer to offer your this smart new app: VSO Downloader.
It downloads streaming video and audio files, with automatic detection, integrated ad blocker and super fast processing. Soon on EVERY desktop !
oh, and, yes it's FREE !
Get yours now !

For more info, read the Press Release

And while you're at it, check out the September issue of our newsletter. Filled with more exciting info, and a discount....

» Special offer: buy PhotoDVD, get CopytoDVD free!

2011-08-09 rss
Don't miss out on this special deal! For a limited time only, if you buy PhotoDVD, you get CopytoDVD free!

Click here to benefit from this package.

» Celebrate Friendship day with VSO

2011-08-05 rss
Celebrate Friendship day by becoming one of our Friends and get our new Media Player before the official release:friendshipday simply  click the “like” button on our Facebook page
NB: If you don’t have a facebook account let us know, we still want to count you as one of our friends!…

» Fancy winning a Goldmember licence ?

2011-07-19 rss
Simply click on "like" on our facebook account, and help us reach 1000 fans!
One new fan will be picked randomly and win a Goldmember licence!

» Special Giveaway

2011-07-13 rss
A special free giveaway of a VSO product is happening now on Tipradar.com!!!
This offer will end in 48 hours.

» July VSO Newsletter

2011-07-04 rss
Read our July newsletter for new product info and a "summer" coupon...

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» VSO Newsletter- June Edition

2011-06-01 rss
We have just sent out our second newsletter by email to all our registered clients.
You can read it here!

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» Sneak peak: VSO takes on Downloading!

2011-05-27 rss
vso downloaderAs of today users can check out one of our new coming products: VSO Downloader.  The current version is a building block for what is later to come, but as this current version has already proved itself to be an extra fast downloading tool in its current state, we have decided to make it available to the public.  We are still far from what the final version will be of VSO Downloader.

Check out the current features of VSO Downloader

Download VSO Downloader

*Contact us to be part of the beta testing team and get special internal versions.

» New payment option: PayNearMe

2011-05-12 rss
VSO now offers a new payment option for US customers who want to pay their purchase with cash: PayNearMe.

With PayNearMe, you can purchase our software online and pay "offline" with cash at your nearest 7-eleven store!

This new payment option is available in our shopping cart.

» First VSO Newsletter and Easter coupon!

2011-04-22 rss
We have sent our first Newsletter today!
Filled with news, tips and... a discount coupon for Easter !
Read it and find out the coupon code to get 20% off your purchase!

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Happy Easter!

» Blu-ray Converter Ultimate Officially released!

2011-04-20 rss
Today is the official release of Blu-ray Converter Ultimate!
Convert your Blu-ray videos to DVD, Avi, Mkv, PS3, Xbox and Ipad/Iphone/Ipod in just a few clicks!

A full guide is available to get to know all the program's settings.

More info on the Blu-ray Converter Ultimate product page and the Press Release

» New ConvertXtoDVD

2011-04-15 rss
New features include widescreen menus, auto adjustment of menu items, thriller menu template enhanced with transitions, and other user issues corrected.

Download ConvertXtoDVD now!

Any questions or feedback, visit the forum or support section.

» Blu-ray Ultimate Pre-Release

2011-04-07 rss
A pre-release version of our  Blu-ray Converter Ultimate is available...
Check out the guide and the Youtube video to take a quick look at the options offered.

» Huge offer: 50% off all our products!

2011-04-01 rss
Everybody else will play pranks on you all day… but we’re not!
Today only, get any of our products at half price! (except Goldmembership)
Enter the coupon APRIL in our shopping cart

» New ConvertXtoDVD v

2011-03-25 rss
A new release of ConvertXtoDVD is available.
V can be downloaded HERE

The following points have been revised in this version:
* subtitle resizing issues
* choppy playback - bad frame rate detection issues
* conversion freezing issues
* interface (toolbars) update

Read the change history for more details.

» New Release: Blu-ray to Avi Converter

2011-02-17 rss
The much awaited Blu-ray to Avi is now ready!
Convert your Blu-ray discs and files to Avi format with top quality
Download it here

For more info, read the Press Release

» VSO Software is upgrading its products with NVIDIA CUDA technology

2011-02-08 rss
VSO Blu-ray Conversion software products now gain in speed and performance when used with a Nvidia Cuda graphic card.
Instead of using the CPU’s resources, the conversion process is handled by the graphic card resources, improving video encoding/decoding speed dramatically.
Tests show that conversions can be up to 4 times faster with Cuda and uses half CPU ressources and memory.

Read the Press Release for more info!

» New VSO forum!

2011-02-04 rss
A nice new interface, easier to navigate... Check out our new forum!
Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Don't hesitate to sign in, participate, ask questions, read our guides...

» New product release: Blu-ray to PS3

2011-01-27 rss
The VSO Blu-ray converter family is now counting a new member: Blu-ray to PS3, a program to convert Blu-ray videos to Playstation 3 format!  Read the complete product description and try it now in the Download section!
Press Release also available here.

» New release: ConvertXtoDVD

2011-01-20 rss
An update of ConvertXtoDVD is available in the Download section
More info here

» A new version of Blu-ray To DVD: start 2011 on a high note.

2011-01-03 rss
The VSO Team would like to wish you all the best for 2011. May this new year bring you everything you wish for!

And in case you asked for a new version of Blu-ray To DVD, here it is: V, ready to Download. New menu templates, user interface improved, better Avchd and blu-ray iso file support.

» Holiday coupon: 20% off all VSO products!

2010-12-22 rss
A white Xmas and 20% off all VSO Products: what else could you wish for ??
Enter the code HOL-7GTF-DAY in the shopping cart to benefit from this special offer (ends 3rd Jan 2011);

The VSO Team wishes you a happy holiday!

» Special deal to buy AnyDVD lifetime license, ends Dec. 31st

2010-12-21 rss
AnyDVD will soon discontinue their lifetime license.  AnyDVD is an excellent software - it is used for removing the protection from DVDs and Blu-ray disks. 

On top of taking up your last chance to buy a lifetime license, Slysoft is currently offering 20% off
This offer (both coupon and lifetime license!) will no longer be available after Dec 31st 2010. 
So if you do not own it yet: Buy AnyDVD with 20% off

» ConvertXtoDVD available now!

2010-12-17 rss
Affected by the bad weather? Stay home and use ConvertXtoDVD to convert/burn your movies for the holidays!
A new release is available: try it or update now (version
Complete history available here

» Offer a VSO product for Xmas!

2010-12-14 rss
You're late with your Xmas shopping or running out of ideas ?
Look no further: offer one of our software to your friends and family!

An instant gift: you order and pay and the person you offer the software to receives the licence code and download automatically by email

Lookout for the gift option in our shopping cart!

» Official Release of Blu-ray To DVD Converter!

2010-12-08 rss
VSO is proud to count a new addition to its video software family: Blu-ray To DVD, a program to convert and burn decrypted Blu-ray videos to DVD.
Complete with all necessary settings, the software also includes a file detector to make quick and customized conversions.
Like all other VSO programs, it is easy to use thanks to a wizard-style interface.

Check out the Blu-ray To DVD product page for more info and the guide for a complete product walkthrough.

Give it a try: download Blu-ray To DVD
Read the full Press Release

» New updates of ConvertXtoDVD and VSO Image Resizer !

2010-11-19 rss
Updates of ConvertXtoDVD and VSO Image Resizer are available to Download.Update

- ConvertXtoDVD V. corrects some audio/video sync issues, adds a better support for dvr-ms files  with an improved burning  engine. Read the history to check out the complete list of changes.

- VSO Image Resizer V adds new improvements.

» New version of ConvertXtoDVD and other info . . .

2010-11-03 rss
A new version of ConvertXtoDVD is available, version correcting various minor problems.
See version history
Download ConvertXtoDVD

Other info: Ever needed a tool for ripping a Blu-ray to DVD?

» Halloween 20% off coupon discount!

2010-10-28 rss
Get 20% off any VSO product by using the coupon code VSO-PDC1-BOO until November 2nd 2010.

Happy Halloween!

» A new version of PhotoDVD!

2010-10-08 rss
A new version of PhotoDVD has been released, version

One of the highlights of this version is the ability to synchronize photos and music together.
To find out how to do this check out the guide.

Click here to get more information or download now!

» And the winner is...

2010-10-06 rss
The biggest download button contest is now over. Thank you to those who participated.

We are happy to announce the winner is "monkeyboy". Check out the button he submitted in the VSO Forums that allowed him to win a copy of ConvertXtoDVD.

» The biggest download button contest!

2010-09-28 rss
There are big download buttons out there, and some are so big and colorful its surprising!

Participate in our contest: find the biggest software download button on the web!

- The biggest button submitted will be the winner
- Anyone can participate
- Submissions accepted up until Oct. 5, 2010
- The winner receives a VSO Software product of his or her choice or free upgrade for the product they already own!

For more information read the contest rules and submission process.

Click here to see the download button submissions on the VSO forum.

» New Image Resizer

2010-09-21 rss
A new version of Image Resizer is available now with a lot of interface fixes and improvements.
Among other things the preview window has been enhanced with zoom and panning functions, to let you compare even tiny details of your original and resized images.

Download: Image Resizer
Version history and discussion: see forum

» New version of ConvertXtoDVD

2010-09-08 rss

A new version of ConvertXtoDVD is available, version

- Download ConvertXtoDVD
- See version history

» New free AVCHD Editor!

2010-07-09 rss
We are pleased to make available a free AVCHD Editor.
For Download and product information check out our: Free AVCHD Editor. Of course all comments and suggestions are welcome. You can also discuss this in our AVCHD forum

» Image Resizer new version

2010-07-01 rss
A new version of VSO Image Resizer is available, version, with updated translations and correcting a bug preventing the application to launch correctly on some specific configurations.

Download Image Resizer

» Major release of PhotoDVD 4 and VSO Image Resizer 4!

2010-06-17 rss

It's a special day here at VSO: we celebrate the double release of two major new versions!

The much-awaited PhotoDVD 4 has been totally revamped and boasts new amazing transitions, direct export to Youtube option, and a live preview where instant modifications are possible. Check out the photo slideshow page for more info and read the PhotoDVD press release.

VSO Image Resizer 4 is also officially released today. Among the new features: an improved stand-alone usage, easy file and folder selection with drag and drop or shell extension access, a live preview, export to email function, compress to ZIP, etc.
The complete details are listed in the image resizer page and the Image Resizer press release.

Run to our Download section to get your new updates now!
If have a license less than 1 year old for one of these products get your free upgrade key.

» New ConvertXtoDVD and Image Resizer

2010-05-21 rss

A new release of ConvertXtoDVD is out! Version fixes some bugs, the complete changes list is detailed in the products history

Also out today is a new version of VSO Image Resizer. Those of you who had a problem with the watermark will be happy to know that the issue has been fixed, along with a few others, please read the history HERE.

ConvertXtoDVD and VSO Image Resizer can be found in our Download area

» New VSO Inspector released

2010-04-21 rss

A new version of VSO Inspector, our free tool to report various information about your hardware configuration, is available.
Download this useful freeware HERE.

In this version, more details have been provided and minor bugs have been corrected. For details, please check the version history.

» New Image Resizer

2010-03-26 rss
A new update of our image resizing software is out! Download Image Resizer.

This version fixes a few minor bugs. Browse the history section for more info.

» New releases: CopytoDVD and Image Resizer

2010-01-27 rss
CopytoDVD and VSO Image Resizer have both been updated today. As usual you will find them in our Download section

CopytoDVD fixes the issue of Windows explorer crashing when the shell integration is called, while VSO Image Resizer no longer has the problem of pictures half in black.
More info in CopytoDVD's list of changes and in Image Resizer's history

» New VSO Image Resizer

2010-01-14 rss
A brand new version of VSO Image Resizer is available in the Download section

This version corrects a major bug. For more info on changes, please read the history

» Happy New Year!

2009-12-31 rss

Wishing you the very best for the New Year!

» Xmas discount!

2009-12-21 rss

It's Christmas, why not treat yourself (or a friend) with a licence for one of our products at 20% off?
Enter the code VSO-80RS in our shop to get this exceptional discount

Note: this offer is not valid with Paypal payments and will expire on Dec 31st.

» ConvertXtoDVD, CopytoDVD and Blindwrite : new updates!

2009-12-16 rss
Yes, we've been very busy lately: three software have been updated: ConvertXtoDVD, CopytoDVD, BlindWrite

Please download them here

To know more about all the changes and improvements, please read each product's history:

» New ConvertXtoDVD 4 !!

2009-11-06 rss
Two major versions released on the same day, this calls for champagne!
Yes ConvertXtoDVD 4 is out ! As usual you can get it in our Download Section

No fancy new interface, but a great emphasis on quality, with the multipass encoding option and new in house developped filters for an outstanding image quality. Also multicore support has been added, as well as a total compatibility with Windows 7

Comment new ConvertXtoDVD 4 in our forum.
A Press Release is also at your disposal.
Existing clients can check for a free upgrade key offer.

» new CopyToDVD available for download

2009-11-02 rss
CopyToDVD is available for download
You can click to check the list of change of CopyToDVD

Comment in the forum

» Halloween special: 20 % off all VSO products !

2009-10-30 rss
Drop the candies and run to our shop to get 20 % off all our products, using the code VSO-ISE7 (not valid with Paypal). Offer valid until 5th Nov.

» PhotoDVD updated to

2009-10-24 rss
PhotoDVD is available for download
As usual you can check PhotoDVD history and list of changes

This version contains various updates, fixes.

Read and write comments about it in our forum

» PhotoDVD available for download

2009-10-10 rss
PhotoDVD is available for download
As usual you can check PhotoDVD history and list of changes

This version contains latest burning SDK, and updated code for chapter management.

Read and write comments about it in our forum

» VSO and Windows 7

2009-10-02 rss
We have announced it weeks ago, but we want to confirm to all users which write us about it ..
YES ! VSO products are compatible with upcoming Windows 7 ( all edition ), 32bits and 64bits

Discuss about it in our forum

» CopyToDVD and Blindwrite Updated

2009-09-27 rss
CopyToDVD and Blindwrite have been updated and available as new version from our download section.

CopyToDVD 4.3.1 contains newest burning engine code ( available already in the VSO burning SDK ), and have been compiled with newest Delphi 2010 version

Read and write comments

» new photo software available for free : seam carving

2009-09-22 rss
In our continuous development, we are happy to announce a new free project which will be also implemented in the future VSO Image Resizer 3.0
this new program is for enthoutiastics photographers, and it is implementing a seam carving resize, also known as liquid resize or target aware or retarget.
this method allows first to resize full pictures to a new resolution without stretching or removing part of the image but by analysing the content of the image.
a full demonstration, YouTube demo and the link to that product is available in our forum :

VSO Seam Carving free download

The second advantage of that product is to allow very easily and without any knownledge in photoshop to remove an object or a person from a photo.

» New PhotoDVD version

2009-08-25 rss
a new update of VSO PhotoDVD our popular DVD slideshow is available in the download section.
check the PhotoDVD's list of changes
And get the free update from our download section

» new version ConvertXtoDVD

2009-08-13 rss
A new version has been updated, mainly with improvement in the burning part. and better burning support for Windows 7

it is available in our download section

» First VSO Iphone application on AppStore

2009-08-08 rss
We are working on different new projects, and we are happy to announce the first VSO's application on Iphone :
GPS Body Paint
it's a outdoor game, to use with built-in GPS
see GPS Body paint description on Itunes, or search for it with the AppStore

more application will come including Iphone GPS datalogger for generating .GPX track and use them for Photo-tagging with our new product ATOM GPS...
to follow our new dev, please join VSO on twitter

» New ConvertXtoDVD 3.7.2

2009-07-16 rss
new version of ConvertXtoDVD 3.7.2 is available in the download section

» VSO is on Twitter

2009-07-10 rss

We have created a Twitter account a few days ago, after it has been suggested by a few users.
This account is open, and will be a good place to see some internal VSO news ( like gossip about new products and new hardware we are working on, upcoming gps software, ConvertXtoDVD 4 or new tutorial videos )

VSO Twitter site

Twitter is a popular social networking website, used by more and more companies to spread out some information and confidential progress on their product line.

» VSO Image Resizer available at Brothersoft

2009-07-08 rss
For a limited time, you can find the latest version of VSO Image Resizer exclusively on Brothersoft

This new version contains minor fixes, update translations and include a new set of documentations for popular languages.

Download VSO Image Resizer on Brothersoft

» New PhotoDVD 3.0 final is available

2009-06-30 rss
After 1 year without any update, We are pleased to annonce the new PhotoDVD 3 is available for download.
This new version contains several improvements: the animation engine has been fully rewritten, the image processing is using our new vso scaler. Now the DVD slideshow software can generate automatically DVD menus with better chaptering management. You have more control on animation, better load performance and better quality due to the new engine

Download PhotoDVD 3
Discuss about PhotoDVD 3 in our forum

Press Release of PhotoDVD 3

» New ConvertXtoDVD 3.6.10

2009-06-17 rss

Among the new improvements :better support for H264, Hi Definition files from digital cameras and TS files, ability to burn ISO files, optimizations for multicore.

Download it NOW
Read all the details on this new version in the ConvertXtoDVD 3.6.10 history

» VSO and Windows 7 compatibility

2009-06-10 rss
VSO and Windows 7 compatibility, that's a question we are receiving more and more since a few weeks. and the reply is YES ! all VSO software are compatible with current release candidate build of Windows 7 ( 32 bits and 64 bits )
there is no special upgrade to consider, and of course, that's free

Discuss about VSO and Windows 7 in our forum

» Home free movie event

2009-06-05 rss
In case you are not aware of the event, and if you are looking for a nice HQ and FREE movie about our planet and ecology from the world famous French photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, please take a look at Watch "Home project" on YouTube

It's a good opportunity to make a free DVD copy of this fantastic documentary with ConvertXtoDVD, see our guide in vso forum's "Home Project" thread

» New ConvertXtoDVD 3.6.4 released

2009-05-30 rss
As it has been discussed in our forum, we have finally released the new ConvertXtoDVD, all users of current v3 can update to this version for free.

» New beta available for ConvertXtoDVD and PhotoDVD

2009-05-22 rss
New beta version for ConvertXtoDVD and PhotoDVD are available from our english forum :

VSO Software Forum and discussion link

That's a good place to discuss about the products and new features which will be implemented in the future, and a unique occasion to share your opinion on software.

» New CopytoDVD v

2009-04-29 rss

The new release is as usual available in the download section
Changes and improvements are listed in the CopytoDVD history.

» Easter promotion!

2009-04-10 rss

No Easter egg hunt necessary to get 20 % off your purchase at VSO, simply enter the coupon code VSO-ULHK in the order form!

Offer not valid with Paypal orders, for more info on coupon codes, please check our forum.

» New releases !

2009-04-02 rss

No less than 3 VSO programs have been updated lately.
ConvertXtoDVD 3.5.2, CopytoDVD and Blindwrite can be downloaded here!
Details of all changes and improvements can be read by clicking on each product: ConvertXtoDVD

» VSO goes MAC !

2009-04-01 rss
Yes, all VSO products are now compatible with Mac OS.
Read more about it HERE

» New CopytoDVD and Image Resizer updates

2009-03-13 rss
Please update to the latest versions that you will find in our Download section

Read all new features and bug corrections of CopytoDVD and Image Resizer here

» ConvertXtoDVD 3.5.0 out !

2009-03-03 rss
Download it now ! Version 3.5.0 corrects some bugs (green menus and vertical lines have now been fixed) and improves the support of .mkv files.

ConvertXtoDVD full version history is available here

» New PhotoOnWeb release

2009-02-25 rss
A new version of the web-album making application PhotoOnWeb has been released. You can download it on our www.photoonweb.com website.

Read the version history here

» New updated version of ConvertXtoDVD!

2009-02-20 rss
The new release of ConvertXtoDVD now improves the merge titleset dialog (now several files can be added at once), and adds 2 variations of the black mirror template.
Version can be downloaded in our download section

The full version history is available here

» New Image Resizer and CopyToDVD

2009-02-02 rss
New versions are out!
Download Image Resizer and CopyToDVD here
Image Resizer is now multicore optimized and CopyToDVD offers a better management of burning on Blu-ray discs.
Discuss these new features in our forum:
Image Resizer
Complete change logs for each product listed here:
Image Resizer history
CopyToDVD history

» New releases of CopyToDVD, BlindWrite and ConvertXtoDVD

2009-01-14 rss
Important updates of ConvertXtoDVD, CopytoDVD and Blindwrite have just been released.Download them now!
Check version history for :

Comment this news in our forum

» Best Wishes for 2009 !

2008-12-31 rss
Everybody at VSO Software would like to wish you a great and happy new year !
Phone support will be closed for the afternoon, but you can continue to send email support

» New ConvertXtoDVD out !

2008-12-30 rss
Just in time for the new year, a new version of ConvertXtoDVD, Version 3.3.4, is available for download HERE

All improvements and fixes are detailed in the version history

» New menu template for ConvertXtoDVD

2008-12-22 rss
Enjoying the nice menus of ConvertXtoDVD? Want more DVD menu templates? Just before Christmas we have released a new template for this holiday season!

Download free christmas template and other menu templates that you can use with ConvertXtoDVD!

» Christmas has arrived at VSO!

2008-12-10 rss
No matter if you've been good or not this year, get 20 % off your purchase this Xmas!
Buy now and enter the coupon code XMAS2008 to get advantage of this great discount.

We've also released new versions of ConvertXtoDVD, BlindWrite and Image Resizer
Download them here

» New version ConvertXtoDVD 3.3

2008-11-27 rss
Our 2nd server is up again, and the forums are working normally.
We have released a new version of ConvertXtoDVD 3.3 which is a stable version which fix a listing issue in some case where several DVD burners are used in the computer.
Other new version are available for download, like CopyToDVD 4.1.8 and VSO Image Resizer
List of changes are available from the history link for each product page
See comments on this news item

» Server problem

2008-11-26 rss
We have a server down, it is the server managing a part of our download and also the forum.
We are working on it to restore the situation as soon as possible. please don't email or contact us to tell us about this problem, it will be fixed as soon as possible. We don't know yet how long the operation could take.

» New updates available

2008-11-14 rss
New versions of ConvertXtoDVD , CopytoDVD and PhotoOnWeb are available for DOWNLOAD

Check each history files to see what's changed:
ConvertXtoDVD 3.2.4
CopytoDVD 4.1.5

» New version of Image Resizer out ! ( updated )

2008-11-06 rss
Version 2.1.2 ( previous 2.1.1 ) includes a new process to extract large Jpeg for RAW (.NEF) from thumbnails and supports the latest Canon EOS SDK 2.5 with new dll distribution.

You can download it from our download page

Full version history available here

Version 2.1.2 fix a problem when saving rating with XMP/IPTC

» New beta of ConvertXtoDVD 3

2008-11-05 rss
People which would like to check the latest features and correction of ConvertXtoDVD are welcome to participate in our public beta.
Just visit our forum :

Latest ConvertXtoDVD beta available in the forum

» Get 20 % off your purchase for Halloween

2008-10-23 rss
It's Halloween time and we have a spooky discount for you !
Get 20 % off all your VSO purchase by entering the code VSO-BOUT-BOO in the order form

For more information about our coupon codes you can check this post on our forums

Happy Halloween !

» New Image Resizer out !

2008-10-09 rss
Ready to be downloaded here

The new version is now bundled with Canon RAW ED-SDK 2.4 ( support for EOS 1000D ), has the latest DCRAWlib to support newest digital camera raw format and is optimized to read EXIF metadata from Canon RAW files .CR2

» Help me win my bet and make VSO Software even more popular !!

2008-10-02 rss

I have bet with the manager of VSO, that we could make it to the first page of the website DiggIt

Please help me win my bet and post your comments on VSO Software on this article or just digg it!

Thanks guys (and girls!)
Annelise (in charge of communication here at VSO)

» ConvertXtoDVD 3.2 : new important version update

2008-08-28 rss
An important new version of ConvertXtoDVD 3.2 is available for download

The list of changes is very long, please see the differences between the last public version and the new version.
new features have been added in the audio engine to control the output format. You can discuss about the new functions in our convertxtodvd forum.

As usual, the update is free for people which own a valid license for the version 3.
If you have still using version 2, click here to get a free upgrade offer

» View your pictures in 3D with PhotoOnWeb

2008-08-21 rss
We are happy to announce the new version of PhotoOnWeb is now compatible with Cooliris (formerly known as PicLens). Your pictures get whole new effect with this new technology, you can nagivate them so easily you feel like you are flying in space!

Install the free PicLens plugin on your internet browser and benefit from these awesome effects with your photo galleries made with PhotoOnWeb. For more information check out the PhotoOnWeb Forum

PhotoOnWeb is freeware to publish your photo albums on line.
Cooliris (formerly known as PicLens) is a free FireFox or Internet Explorer Add-on that allow you to see picture on line in 3D!!! with fast and sensational navigation!!!

» new version : ConvertXtoDVD and VSO Image Resizer

2008-07-20 rss
New version are available for immediate download

ConvertXtoDVD adds a new template "black mirror 1 & 2", include cumulative updates since the last public version. See the full History of changes

VSO Image Resizer fixes some problems when settings were saving and includes the latest DCRAWlib version available to add the support of .ARW raw files from Sony digital camera.

» New versions: ConvertXtoDVD, PhotoDVD, VSO Image Resizer

2008-06-27 rss
New versions are available of

VSO Image Resizer

You can download new free DVD menu templates for ConvertXtoDVD from the VSO forums.

» Special Summer Discount 20% off!

2008-06-24 rss
Summer time !! Take advantage of our summer discount to buy VSO software with 20% off. During your order use the coupon code " SUM-BWRK-MER " and get the reduced price immediately. Download trial versions and see what you could offer yourself as a treat. Have question? Just drop us a line: contact VSO

» ConvertXtoDVD, PhotoDVD and VSO Image Resizer updated

2008-06-11 rss
3 new minor versions are available in our download section for

- ConvertXtoDVD
- PhotoDVD 2.9.5
- VSO Image Resizer

The history file for each program has been updated with a description of the last changes.

» New PhotoDVD 2.9.2 , important fix for audio

2008-06-02 rss
A new version of PhotoDVD is available, it fixes a serious issue with audio part of the product with some computers.
the update is recommanded.

» ConvertXtoDVD and PhotoDVD updated

2008-05-31 rss
A few days ago, ConvertXtoDVD and PhotoDVD have been updated.
ConvertXtoDVD fixes some crash issues with some computers (due to compilation tools).
PhotoDVD fix the same problem of DLL crashes and a slideshow loop problem.

» VSO Image Resizer program of the day on Download.com

2008-05-30 rss
Get it from CNET Download.com!We are pretty happy that Cnet Download.com has selected the new VSO Image Resizer 2.0.1 as product of the day. Just visit download.com and leave your comment about the product if you like it :)

» New version for several products

2008-05-21 rss
3 software have been updated :

ConvertXtoDVD which make official all the intermediate version available on our forum.
the list of changes includes the difference and new features since the version so the list is pretty long

PhotoDVD 2.9.1 introduce the new photo resize and loading library, which adds new filter (ipp_super is recommended)
and new features have been implemented in the Photo player preview module, according the requests of some users.

VSO Image Resizer 2.0.1 is now using also the new image SDK from intel and the main difference is a real boost in the performance with multi-core CPU support and speed is around 2x faster than the old version 1.

» VSO's official forum updated

2008-05-14 rss
A few days ago, we have reorganized some parts of our forum and included a new search engine powered by Google.
Forum is a good place to learn and ask your daily questions about our products, but be aware it is also a nice place to participate to the future versions, suggesting how you would like to see things working in the software.
Actually newest version of ConvertXtoDVD ( ) are available for download including suggestions made by users.

VSO forum

» BlindWrite 6.0.8 supports Blu-ray disc

2008-05-01 rss
As mentioned in the previous news, we are happy to announce a new version of BlindWrite 6.0.8 for immediate download.
Among the new features, this version has complete support for Blu-ray copy, please check our forum to get help about BlindWrite Blu-ray support.

History file file is update with the list of the changes, including Unicode support of the application and several minor bugs.

» New vso burning sdk add blu-ray support

2008-04-29 rss
That's a news for developers, most customers maybe don't know we are licensing our burning engine to third party companies. For example vso burning engine is used in DVDFab software or 1Click DVD copy from LG Innovations
New VSO burning SDK 2.1.8 add support to burn Blu-ray video.
Shortly new software will be available from VSO or other companies to support Blu-ray copy

Download free burning software developer kit and new API and SDK for blu-ray

» Anyone can be an affiliate

2008-04-23 rss

Recently we were asked “to be an affiliate do I need a business or other type of professional structure?”

Answer: Anyone can be an affiliate and you do not even need to have a website either! All you need is an affiliate ID number with the custom links found which you can get by signing up on VSO affiliate program. Post comments using these links on blogs, forums, news websites and get commission on sales completed. Contact us if you have any questions.

» New ConvertXtoDVD + discount on all products!

2008-03-19 rss
To celebrate Spring VSO is offering a 20% discount coupon that can be used for all products. Type in "spring08" when ordering with Avangate or PayPal. Also a new version of ConvertXtoDVD is available, version   Download ConvertXtoDVD.

» New VSO web site look !

2008-03-07 rss
We are released a complete new look version of our web site.
We hope it will be easier to read and will allow better communication.
Don't hesitate to give your feedback with the poll module on the left :)

» ConvertXtoDVD 3 FINAL !!!!

2008-02-29 rss
Here we go, after 2 months of testing with all the valuable members of our forum. ConvertXtoDVD 3 is available in our download section. Among the new feature, a complete new engine with more video formats supported, the software is optimized for dual and quad core CPU, vista compatible, new DVD menu features, and a lot of other changes so try it !

Customers who have purchased a license after the 28th of February 2007, can get a free license key for this version by using this link, the same link can be used by the existing customer to get their discount coupon for a renewal. All these offers are limited to direct client, people who bought using ComputerActive,serial dealers or any bargain offer can't get the free update

If you have any question about how to use this new version, we suggest to visit our forum

» ConvertXtoDVD 3 v2.99.x.970 available

2008-02-02 rss
In our vso forum section, you can find the latest Release candidate version of ConvertXtoDVD 3.
If you buy a key today, you can use both version 2 and 3 as the upgrade is free for any customer with a license bought less than 1 year ago.

» New PhotoOnWeb

2008-02-01 rss
The newest tool to generate cool online flash gallery from your pictures has been updated. The latest version can be downloaded from PhotoOnWeb web site

» Special discount for the 40th B-day of the boss

2008-01-31 rss
It is an exceptionnal event today, our dear boss (also the main developer of ConvertXtoDVD) has turned 40 years today. SO we have decided to do a very special discount of 40% (even on the Goldmembership which is the package of all our software with unlimited lifetime upgrades) ONLY today.
This special offer is available by typing " boss40y " in the discount coupon area of your order, it is only available if you buy with avangate payment system (the default method)

» PhotoDVD 2.6.4 available and ConvertXtoDVD 3 RC1 available soon

2008-01-13 rss
A new version of PhotoDVD is available in our download section. Change log is available in the product description.

Things are progressing with ConvertXtoDVD 3, and if you want the latest news for the availability of the ConvertXtoDVD 3 Release Candidate 1, we suggest to visit our forum.

» Happy new year 2008

2007-12-31 rss
VSO is happy to wish everybody an happy new year 2008, with plenty of new software coming.

» New PhotoDVD is out, more information about ConvertXtoDVD 3

2007-12-26 rss
First of all, merry xmas to everyone, and we hope all the best for this holidays period.
A new version of PhotoDVD 2.6.2 is out, it fixes a problem with some .wma music file.

For people impatient to know what is the status of ConvertXtoDVD 3, we suggest to visit our forum, where we have created a new section for this version. Some details are available to get an advanced beta version distributed to the press, translation people and existing customers.

» Last minute gift ? offer a VSO product

2007-12-22 rss
Christmas is coming, If you are late for your gift, we are glad to announce we have reactivated the gift option in the order process. This feature is available with Avangate payment service only. You can define the email of the person who will receive the program, you pay for him and he will receive the program of your choice by email. No delivery delay problem.
And the last good news, the discount coupon is also compatible with this offer.

Send a vso software as a gift

» VSO is moving to new office

2007-12-17 rss
We are moving to a new office (Monday 17th of December and Tuesday of 18th December). The fax and phone numbers and adress have changed. The sales and technical support will be up during this time, but you may experience a short delay in the replies.
Surface of the new office will be extended by 4 in the near future, allowing us to welcome new employees and partners and speed up development of the company, it is an important milestone for VSO Software.

» New updates for photo software

2007-12-07 rss
We are pleased to announce the release of new versions for PhotoOnWeb, PhotoDVD and VSO Image Resizer.
Each software has his own history file with list of changes. All the products are now able to read the photos files from the newest Nikon D300 digital camera ( .NEF Raw format )

VSO Image Resizer latest changes
PhotoDVD latest changes
PhotoOnWeb latest changes

» Halloween Special!

2007-10-26 rss
Image Resizer has been updated. The new version solves an important issue, so please download the update.

Good news for our PhotoOnWeb users: maintenance is over and a new faster, improved server has been set up. If you haven’t already done so, go and create your online photo album now.

And, last but not least, for Halloween we are offering a scary 20 % off all our products! Make sure you enter the code "Halloween" to benefit from this special discount

» VSO Photo software updated

2007-10-09 rss
Several software have now been updated. Adding the new Canon Digital Camera Eos 40D RAW format.
Here is the list of main changes for each product :

VSO Image Resizer - 1.3.2 - : ( detailed list of changes)
- Introduce new switchs to be used as a command line. ( see switches.txt in the application folder )
- update the latest Canon EOS SDK 2.1 + DCRAWlib.dll ( 1/10/2007 ) support for Canon 40D
- added support for Sony Alpha RAW .SR2 , and Mamiya RAW .MEF

PhotoDVD - - public version ( detailed list of changes )
- updated and added translation
- setup script compatible with custom version for affiliates
- update the latest Canon EOS SDK 2.1 + DCRAWlib.dll ( 1/10/2007 ) support for Canon 40D
- Code optimization 20% faster for the same quality !!!

PhotoOnWeb - Version ( Photo album Web site )
- Add version tag on photo albums.
- updated italian translation
- new index.php file for automatic main menu ( fix a large column issue )
- Latest Canon SDK 2.1 and DCRAW, support for Canon 40D digital camera
- Updated installation script to update some missing Dlls

» New PhotoDVD 2.4.0!

2007-09-12 rss
Amongst other improvements, a major DirectX issue has been fixed.
All modifications can be found in the Change log

New version 2.4.0 is available for Download

» New VSO Image Resizer 1.2

2007-09-03 rss
A new version of VSO Image Resizer is available for download

Here is the list of changes :

- Fix an issue loading the RAW files with half-resolution, loosing quality in the output result.
- Loading standard files is now using GDI+
- Drop down for % or pixel to set the output resolution parameters
- Latest dcrawlib available
- Packaged with Canon EOS SDK 2.0.1 dll

» New PhotoDVD 2.3.16 version

2007-07-24 rss
Summer time, holidays, sun, sex, and photos...
Take the photos, VSO will do the rest, new photo tools software are under development, and you can join our beta testers team by contacting us thru our support form.

PhotoDVD has been updated, you can check the change log and download it to upgrade your version.

» No summer break for VSO !

2007-07-11 rss
Today you can download an updated version of PhotoDVD to create a slideshow from your holidays pictures, but if you want to publish photos on the web, you can try our new software www.photoonweb.com which is still in beta.

VSO Inspector has been updated with a better support of Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives.

Finally, we are progressing on the next major version of ConvertXtoDVD, a sneak preview of a new DVD menu generated by this version is available on YouTube

» Summer time promotion and new version of photo products

2007-06-29 rss
It's summer time, and we are happy to offer a special 20% discount if you type the code "summer07" during the order process (only available with Avangate payment system).

New versions of PhotoDVD 2.3.12 and Image Resizer 1.1.16 are out!

Both version contain updated support for RAW files and Canon EOS Mark III format.

Download these new versions from our download section

PhotoDVD changelog
Image Resizer changelog

» ConvertXtoDVD and Image Resizer updated !

2007-06-22 rss
New versions of ConvertXtoDVD (2.2.3) and Image Resizer (1.1.15) are out !

ConvertXtoDVD fixes some minor bugs and Image Resizer now supports the Canon EOS Mark III format

Download these new versions from our download section

ConvertXtoDVD changelog
Image Resizer changelog

» New ConvertXtoDVD 2.2.2 !

2007-06-06 rss
A new version of ConvertXtoDVD is now out !

Version 2.2.2 is available for download
Amongst other improvements, it now fixes audio synchronization issues, handles damaged Avi files and offers a better quality of the preview.

» PhotoDVD updated: version

2007-05-27 rss
PhotoDVD is available in the download section.

The change log is updated too.

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.2.1 and VSO Image Resizer 1.1

2007-05-24 rss
ConvertXtoDVD 2.2.1 is available in the download section.

The change log is updated too.

A new option has been introduced in version 2.2.0 for people converting home movies from Camcorder sources (DV interlaced). As this option slows down the conversion, don't forget to turn it off option for video files not coming from such sources to save time.

A new version of VSO Image Resizer is available as well, with better EXIF management.

» CopyToDVD 4.0.4 released

2007-05-22 rss
CopyToDVD 4.0.4 is available in the download section.

The change log is updated too.

More updates for the other products will follow in the next days.

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.2 : 20% faster and new option

2007-05-19 rss
ConvertXtoDVD is available in the download section.

The change log is updated too.

This new feature is 20% faster thanks to a new image resampler which provides both better quality and conversion speed.

A new option has been introduced for people converting home movies from Camcorder source (DV interlaced).

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.19 available

2007-05-15 rss
A new version of ConvertXtoDVD is available in our download section.

Check the list of changes

» Blindwrite 6.0.4 released

2007-05-11 rss
A new version of Blindwrite is available for download, the history file is updated.

Changes history

» VSO celebrates its 5th anniversary!

2007-05-01 rss
It's VSO's birthday this week: we've been developing burning software for CD, DVD and now Blu-ray for 5 years!

To thank you for your trust, we've set up an exceptional discount valid up to the 8th of May: 50% off on all our software, even the goldmembership, with the coupon code " VSO5Y ".

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.18 Hotfix

2007-04-22 rss
ConvertXtoDVD has been updated to fix 2 important issues:
- fix support for AMD CPUs
- solve a problem of hard disk space detection if a folder was not existing

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.17 supports Blu-ray and new file formats

2007-04-20 rss
ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.17 is available for download, the list of changes is pretty long, please check it.

ConvertXtoDVD adds the Blu-ray format, you will need Slysoft AnyDVD HD to read the content of the disc. This version contains improved Vista support and adds new video file formats.

We have udpated the affiliate program. This program allows webmasters and people submitting news to earn money from each sale completed. See the affiliate section

» New PhotoDVD and VSO Image Resizer

2007-04-18 rss
PhotoDVD is a DVD slideshow maker software, and VSO Image Resizer a handy tool to resize or convert pictures as a batch.
New versions are available in the download section.

VSO PhotoDVD change log
VSO Image Resizer change log

» Maintenance completed

2007-03-26 rss
We have completed the upgrade of several new servers in order to handle more customers and more traffic. We apologize if you have experienced any connection issues in the past days.
We remind you that 48 hours is really a maximum delay in license delivery. Most of the time the license is delivered in less than 30 minutes (bank checking). You can use the support form if you need assistance with your order.

» 3 new versions or nothing!

2007-02-04 rss
As you already know our products are all ready for Vista, today you can find new versions of ConvertXtoDVD, PhotoDVD and CopyToDVD in the download section.

See the change logs for ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.12,
CopyToDVD 4.0.3,

» New version of VSO Image Resizer available

2007-01-25 rss
VSO Image Resizer 1.0.11 is available in the download section.

This version is compatible with Windows Vista. List of changes is available in the history section.

Bitburners has introduced an interesting new media database, at the opposite of the VSO media databases based on large volume of reports, BitBurners includes full quality scan and human review.
You can visit it here

» New version of ConvertXtoDVD

2007-01-22 rss
ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.10 is now available in the download section.
This version has an integrated sound compressor that automatically adjusts the sound level.

» Happy New Year 2007!

2006-12-31 rss
The VSO team wishes the best to all their valuable customers, beta testers, partners, providers, affiliates for the new year 2007.
We had a great year, plenty of new interesting projects were started and we will have a lot of news in 2007.

Thanks again!

» Last-minute Xmas gift: offer a VSO product!

2006-12-22 rss
According the current poll you are more than 81% to think a software is a valuable gift.
We are pleased to announce you can offer a VSO product as a gift.

In the shop section, first select the product to offer, during the order process, select "as a gift" and put a custom message to your recipient. They will receive an email with the download link and the unlock key. You can order a backup CD, but in any case, the product can be downloaded and immediatly used.

Merry Xmas !!

» CopyToDVD 4.0.1 and PhotoDVD 2.3.6

2006-12-20 rss
New version of CopyToDVD and PhotoDVD are available in the download section.

See the change history for CopyToDVD and PhotoDVD. Both products contain the latest version of the drivers signed for Windows Vista.

Notice our Xmas Coupon can be found in the left column under 'Special Offer'; use it and get 20% off your purchase immediately .

» New version of ConvertXtoDVD and Blindwrite

2006-12-14 rss
New version of ConvertXtoDVD and Blindwrite are available in the download section, please look at the change log history for details.

A special christmas coupon has been created "xmas2006" will give you an instant rebate of 20%, please check the code is applied before you validate the order.

As some may have already noticed in their browsers, these news are now also available as RSS feed.

» New Image Resizer and VSO Inspector releases!

2006-12-05 rss
Both freeware applications have been updated and can be downloaded here.

Image Resizer support of the RAW format has been improved. It now fixes several formats (such as Adobe DNG ), keep EXIF and displays a dialog before overwriting original files.

VSO Inspector is bundled with a new version of Patin Couffin driver which fixes the support of DVD drive 18x speed from LiteOn and HP

» Halloween contest gallery now online!

2006-11-07 rss
Check out what photos were sent in for our Halloween contest by looking at the Horror Photo Gallery

This gallery is one of the new tools we are currently developing at VSO... codename: PhotoOnWeb... Stay tuned for more details!

» Halloween contest and discount, new ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.5

2006-10-27 rss
Put 'halloween06' in the coupon area and get instant 20% off on any product ordered using ShareIt until 6th of November.

You can still send in your halloween pictures for the contest (see news below). The deadline to send in photos is November 5th.

A new version of ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.5 is available. Check out the change log here.

» VSO Photo tools updated and Halloween contest

2006-10-25 rss
Today you can download a new version of PhotoDVD and the freeware Image Resizer, here are the change logs:

PhotoDVD Version 2.3.4
- Add new filter option ( by default set to Cubic ),it improves the output quality
- updated translations
- compliant with Vista, requires reentering your key.

VSO Image Resizer 1.0.8
- Text in overwrite dialog cut off for very long filenames
- DPI values are not preserved
- Lock filename mask when "Replace Original" is selected
- Output format TIFF is saved as PNG
- Rounding issue in target resolution
- Native Canon SDK support, means a very fast management of Rebel Xti 400D raw format

You can get them from our download section

VSO 2006 Halloween contest. We would like to introduce upcoming web gallery tools, for that we are happy to organize a fun contest for halloween. Send to halloween@vso-software.fr your best shoot of halloween, best picture,the scariest, the funniest. By sending us the picture, you agree that we will publish the best shoots on a web gallery and that you are the author of the picture and there are no copyright.
Each participant will receive a discount coupon for a vso product of 20%, of course an already registered user can participate to have their picture published.

In addition, the DVDShrink.org webmaster requested spreading out the news about scam. DVDShrink is a free software and you should never be asked to pay to download it. For more info please visit the DVD Shrink homepage

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.4 is released

2006-10-04 rss
A new version of ConvertXtoDVD (v2.1.4) is available for download.
This version now supports the Flash file format (.FLV), has better support for MKVs, and provides other bug fixes. For a more complete list of the changes made please check the version history.

PLEASE NOTE: When upgrading to this version you will need to re-enter you license key, and re-set your preferred settings. We apologize for this inconvenience but it was necessary in order to support the newest Windows Vista.

» New ConvertXtoDVD 2.1

2006-09-11 rss
We are happy to release a new major version of ConvertXtoDVD (v2.1)

- supporting new file formats: WMV, OGM Nsv, AVS, VC1
- improvement made for already supported file formats: MKV, MOV, Mp4, OGG, AVI, Asf
- bug fixes related to audio issues
For a more complete list of the changes made in this version check here

We would also like to announce that the release of a stronger and completely re-looked CopyToDVD 4 is coming VERY soon!

» New VSO Image Resizer 1.0.7

2006-09-07 rss
A new version of VSO Image Resizer is available in the download section with the following changes:

Version 1.0.7
- improved or added support for :
.DNG (Digital Negative Format / Adobe)
.MRW (Minolta)
.ORF (Olympus)
.PEF (Pentax)
.RAF (Fuji)
.SRF (Sony)
- improved transparency support for watermark feature.

» VSO Software is releasing New update of burner and media database results!

2006-08-29 rss
VSO Software is releasing a new analysis of its drive and media database results.

This update is based on the statistics collected by all the VSO applications containing a burning engine and offers crucial information on the most popular and efficient drive and media.
Read the report and you'll find out which brand is the most promising, which media/drive to use for an optimal burn and discover who was awarded with best hardware and best media manufacturer by VSO Software!

Click here to read the report

» New ConvertXtoDVD and VSO Inspector

2006-08-21 rss
New releases are available in the download section
See history of changes for details.

CopyToDVD 4 Beta is available on request for press and webmasters.

» Summer Special!

2006-07-31 rss
Buy a goldmembership license and receive a free USB Key (256 Mb) !

From the 1st August 2006 the first 100 people purchasing a Goldmembership license and entering the code "GOLDUSB" will receive a free VSO limited edition USB key !

The Goldmembership is a lifetime license for all current (ConvertXtoDVD, CopytoDVD, PhotoDVD, Blindwrite, Image Resizer and VSO Inspector ) and future products by VSO-Software (for only $148 when you enter in the coupon code).

This key will contain all the above-mentioned programs and will be sent out once the payment has been confirmed. Delivery of the key may take 1-2 weeks. Delays may vary depending on the client's country of residence. You will still receive your keys in a separate email right after your order and payment have been confirmed, so you don't have to wait for your USB key to start enjoying our programs.

» New ConvertXtoDVD

2006-07-26 rss
A new ConvertXtoDVD is available. You can see the list of changes in version 2.0.15 here.

» 2 New Versions: VSO Image Resizer and PhotoDVD

2006-07-24 rss
New versions of VSO Image Resizer and PhotoDVD are available and now offer the direct support of RAW formats. Raw format is the best quality format you can obtain with DSLR Digital Camera (such as Canon 350D, 30D, Nikon D70s, etc.). Both VSO Image Resizer and PhotoDVD contain new features.

VSO Image Resizer 1.0.5:
- new file naming option
- create your own file copies with copyright tracking
- various options

VSO PhotoDVD 2.3.0:
- improved preview module with fast seek
- better soundtrack management
- new subtitle rendering

» VSO Image Resizer 1.0.4 and Blindwrite 6 Beta

2006-07-01 rss
You can find a new version of VSO Image Resizer, with some interface enhancements (remaining time) and also a beta support for RAW camera files (Canon .CR2, Nikon .NEF and some others).

A beta version of BlindWrite 6 is available for evaluation. Every new order comes with a key for version 6.

» New version available !

2006-06-13 rss
A new update of ConvertXtoDVD is now available ! ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.13 offers better subtitle management.

» New version available

2006-05-19 rss
ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.12c contains an update for the burning engine.
PhotoDVD contains several update for the real time preview mode.
VSO Image Resizer 1.0.2 contains a couple of new features (such as EXIF content and folder management)

BlindWrite 6.0 Beta should be available in the next couple of weeks.

» New versions available

2006-04-21 rss
Updates for:
VSO Image Resizer and
are available

» New product : VSO Image resizer

2006-04-14 rss
VSO Software is happy to announce a new freeware: VSO Image Resizer, a tool to resize and convert images between different formats. Directly integrated in the Windows Explorer, you can import, organize and shrink a batch of photos in 1 click.
Full details can be found on press release.

A new version of PhotoDVD, VSO's DVD slideshow is available for download.

» Several updates available

2006-04-04 rss
In the download section you can find new version of several tools :

ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.11 to convert avi to dvd

PhotoDVD includes a new preview engine to make your DVD Slideshow

VSO Inspector is compatible with the CopyToDVD 4 alpha version.

» New server is up

2006-04-03 rss
If you see this message, it means you are using our new hosting provider and a new server. The bandwidth has been multiplied by 3 to prepare the introduction of the new products and new release.

» Database restored

2006-03-28 rss
The customers and stats database is working again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

» VSO database problems

2006-03-27 rss
Our main server is experiencing problems with the database. At this time, we are awaiting an action from our hosting provider. If you have requested a lost key, if you didn't receive your key ordered in the last hours, we kindly ask you to be patient and check back for news here.

» VSO web site is not down!

2006-03-26 rss
Our hosting provider is experiencing technical problems with our web server, we apologize for that, and are working on backup solutions.

» BlindWrite 5.2.24 officially out

2006-03-15 rss
A new version of Blindwrite is available, it is mainly a maintenance release.
It will probably be the last version for version 5.xxxx

» New VSO Inspector released

2006-03-09 rss
VSO Inspector can scan your media for errors, but also retrieve your system information about CD / DVD Writers used and media details.

Here are the latest changes:

Version 1.1.2

- Now retrieves CD MediaID information
- uses latest VSO drivers
- compiled with Delphi 2006
- various little fixes

Download VSO Inspector

» ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.9 released

2006-03-02 rss
You can now download the new version of ConvertXtoDVD which is a cumulative update. We consider it an important update because it contains a number of changes that were made in internal versions (2.0.6, 2.0.7, and .2.0.8). Feel free to read the version history to learn about the changes made.

» 3 News

2006-02-17 rss
First, you can notice a new look for the web site, please use the poll to give us some feedbacks.

ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.5 is available in the download section.

And finally PhotoDVD 2.1 is out, using a new engine with an output quality improved.

» New ConvertXtoDVD 2.0.4 and CopyToDVD

2006-02-11 rss
New versions are available in the download section (see history for changes).

» ConvertXtoDVD first update

2006-02-03 rss
The version update for ConvertXtoDVD is available in the download section. Be sure you have the version !

it fixes problems for users using a screensaver during the conversion and a couple of minor bugs.

A coupon is available for a short time for the new customers ( X2D-INTRO ).
Existing DivxToDVD users can use their unlock key.

» ConvertXtoDVD is here...

2006-01-24 rss

read the press release for more details

Release pending, web site and links should be updated in the next hours ... but you can download it now
Get it from CNET Download.com!

» Work in progress

2006-01-19 rss
Soon some announcements will be made regarding a new major version of one of our products. Please be patient...

» Happy new Year 2006

2005-12-31 rss
VSO Software is happy to wish you a happy new year for 2006. For us 2005 was so exciting with the introduction of new products and versions such as DivxToDVD. Expect to see new features and products from VSO Software for this wonderful new year of 2006. Thanks again for your support.

The first part of an article about the database results is available here: First drives and media database results

To start the new year, a new coupon "new2006" is available for a limited time.

» Merry Xmas 2005

2005-12-24 rss
The whole team of VSO-Software wishes everybody a merry Christmas and happy holidays.
You can use the special "xmas2005" coupon for an exceptionnal 50% discount on our product.
The promotion will end the 28th of December :)

» French DADVSI discussion postponed

2005-12-23 rss
The situation in regard of DADVSI has now evolved from fear to hope. During the night between 20th and 21st of December, deputies have passed a bill for a "global license". This bill legalises all peer-to-peer exchange throughout internet providing a reasonable montly fee.

Deputy Marc Le Fur said:
"I have children today aged 14 and 16 for which internet constitutes culture and liberty. They probably download and I am completely unable to control them as I don't understand computer technology as they do. With the current laws, they might be considered as delinquents. Only the global license avoids the risk. For a few euros each month they can have the freedom to download without causing harm to author's rights, as the funds raised will be mutualised and redistributed to the authors.

As it's time now to decide the liberties for the 21st century, let's inspire from Tocqueville for which civil society always prevails. In today's society, for the youth Internet is a space of freedom. Do not restrain their access."

The voting of the bill has been postponed to the next deputy's session (January 17th, 2006).

We dreamed the repressive approach to be abandonned in profit of a complete legalisation, and now it's turned into hope. This is a great expectation for all customers, as they will be able to legally obtain cultural content with a real choice either of the provider and the player, hardware or software.

[There is still a lot of pressure on the government from major's lobbies. For instance Virgin set up a demonstration in the deputy's chamber of how good DRM is, offering free songs - which is considered as bribery regarding French laws.]

The fight is not over, now the 30 most vending French artist and their syndicates and editors are against this P2P legalisation, while a group of 13500 French artists agreed. The petition at EUCD.INFO is still being filled in (with now more than 130.000 signatures), and finally the debate has gone public.

Stay tuned for more news. A good compromise and modern legislation is now a realistic option.

» VSO Products to be banished...

2005-12-07 rss
The French government is about to pass a bill known as the DADVSI (Droits d'Auteur et Droits Voisins dans la Société de l'Information n°1206) prohibiting everything that could be considered as a tool or a solution to bypassing protections or read copyrighted formats. VSO Products may be banished as well as P2P clients, instant messaging, emails, internet servers using GNU licensing, and free software including the most popular media players.

Today, French citizens may no longer be able to make a safe backup of their purchased CDs, Movies, Games, etc. or use a software/hardware reader of their choice. Tomorrow, other countries may use this law as a model.

“In addition to killing off the right to private copying while keeping the fees associated to it, according to the DADVSI bill, the simple act of using software to read a DVD that is not authorized by the DVD editor could lead up to a 3-year jail sentence and a 300 000 Euros fine.”

Invasion of your privacy is also in this law... all the French ISPs will be forced to install a global filter system to prevent any P2P activity and check all email attachments. This will be by far the most restrictive copyright law ever in the world, turning legal users into criminals by the millions.

Please join VSO Software defending your rights to a choice , take a minute to sign the petition.

Go to http://eucd.info/

» New driver in all products

2005-11-16 rss
We have updated all products with a new driver (version 35). It fixes some crashes that a small number of user was experiencing. If you were affected, be sure to download the latest version!

» VSO Convert DivxToDVD 1.99.23 is faster

2005-10-25 rss
A new version of DivxToDVD is available, this version is faster and multithreaded. You can now increase the priority to speed up the conversion or decrease it if you want to work normally during the encoding.
This version uses the new VSO logo, you can find the full list of changes here.

» Updates available

2005-10-23 rss
New versions of our products (CopyToDVD, BlindWrite, PhotoDVD, DivxToDVD) are available. The main changes are a new version of our driver (Patin Couffin 33) and burning engine improvements. You can check the change logs at our download section.

» DivxToDVD 1.99.14 released

2005-09-08 rss
A new version of DivxToDVD is available, with a new update of the burning sdk and several fixes. Now, the good news : the automatic menu creation asked by users is currently under development and should be available soon.

Last Changes *1 Download

» CopyToDVD released

2005-09-04 rss
Holidays are over, back to work, you can find an update of CopyToDVD in the download section. New version of PhotoDVD and DivxToDVD should be shortly available.

Last Changes *1 Download

» Web site updated

2005-08-18 rss
Since a while we are providing a CopyToDVD 3.0.56 in the download section but we didn't update the web site, a customer just complained and despite there is few change, you can see the web site updated now. Thanks Stephen for his email.

» DivxToDVD 1.99.12 & PhotoDVD 2.0.9

2005-07-25 rss
A small update of DivxtoDVD release candidate is available now, you can see the change list here

PhotoDVD 2.0.9 fixes a serious issue for NTSC users, please download the latest version.

Goldmembership subcription ( the lifetime-all-products licence ) will be doubled to reflect the introduction of PhotoDVD and DivxToDVD in the VSO catalog and keep the quality of service for these special customers, the price will be 199 USD/EUR starting the 1st of August

» DivxToDVD 1.99.11 (2.0 Release Candidate)

2005-07-17 rss

A release candidate version of DivxToDVD 2 is available for immediate download.
You can find the updated description below

Release candidate means it is very close to the final version, we are providing this test version for evaluation even if it has been extensively tested and can now even be registered. Thanks a lot to our beta team ( Tabby, John, JJ, ScubaPete, Robin, Bruno and others .... ). The trial version contains a watermark and it is slower to encode than any registered (purchase) version

You can have a discount on this Release Candidate with the coupon "d2d2rc11" , 25% as a launch offer available up to 1st of August

- DivxToDVD 2 product page
- DivxToDVD 2 RC download

Press people can contact Claire at Claire@vso-software.fr or by phone +33(0)673367229

» PhotoDVD 2.0.8, DivxtoDVD 2.0, VSO Inspector 1.1

2005-07-15 rss
PhotoDVD 2.0.8 is available, the list of changes is available at this page. We would like to remind users of PhotoDVD that the upgrade to version 2.0 is completely free for registered users of PhotoDVD 1.x . This version adds a new view mode making it even easier to sort and give order to your pictures.

- PhotoDVD 2 press release
- PhotoDVD 2 review by Burnworld
- Download Section
- Get the manual (new!)

DivxToDVD 2.0 "Shareware" version is almost finished and a version is available for review for press people and webmaster, this version will be released within 2 weeks. A couple of screenshots are available :

- Screenshot 1 ( the new interface can be customized with dockable panels)
- Screenshot 2 ( The default dialog is clean and let you see the tree structure with subtitles and chapters options)

VSO Inspector 1.1 is available in the download section, list of changes available here

» PhotoDVD 2.0.2 is released

2005-06-16 rss
Yes another update of PhotoDVD, the list of changes is available at this page. We would like to remind users of PhotoDVD that the upgrade to version 2.0 is completely free for registered users of PhotoDVD 1.x . This version adds a new view mode making it even easier to sort and give order to your pictures.

- PhotoDVD 2 press release
- PhotoDVD 2 review by Burnworld
- Download Section
- Get the manual (new!)

A few words about DivxToDVD "pro", it progresses and we hope to enter beta testing in a couple of weeks, we can already announce it will be a little bit faster and we will post screenshots as soon as possible.

» PhotoDVD 2.0.1 is released (updated)

2005-06-01 rss
We are happy to announce the version 2.0 of PhotoDVD. The complete press release can be found below.
This version introduces DVD subtitles and multiple audio tracks but contains also all the improvements done in the previous version. This update is FREE of charge for existing users. You can also find a complete review here kindly provided by Burnworld. PhotoDVD is available in the download section.

- PhotoDVD 2 press release
- PhotoDVD 2 review by Burnworld
- Download Section
- Get the manual (new!)