ConvertXtoHD 4.9/5
85 reviews

comment VSO's 'ConvertXto' programs are the only products available at a consumer-lever cost which allows for creating/editing/formatting standard selection menus in a simple and intuitive way. All the others out there should strive to emulate VSO's simplicity and effectiveness in this regard, as they simply don't deliver on this single feature. comment
26 February 2021
Chicago, United states

comment this software is wonderful,i wish it was free permanently but i am glad i have the chance to try it. comment
sean kelly
13 June 2018

comment Over the years I've formed a "Bond of Trust" with VSO software. Its really that simple :-) comment
13 May 2018

comment This software worked far better than I had ever expected. Don't consider anything else as it is brilliant. Thank you comment
14 October 2017

comment this software is great, vso software very professional comment
10 June 2017

comment Easy to use rendering program. comment
Dayantha (Marky) Makalanda
24 January 2017

comment Very easy to use and gives excellent results. comment
Fred Fellendorf
20 January 2017

comment Bought the blu-ray version of "ConvertXto-" after using various versions of ConvertXtoDVD. As with the DVD versions, I find it very reliable and it does its job well. It's also fairly easy to use in a basic way, though there are some settings and tweaks that I've yet to explore and master. There has been a slight (but work-aroundable) problem with chapters - exporting and importing a chapter file - but your support tells me that the latest (beta) version fixes that problem. Regards, Keith Dalton comment
Keith dalton
14 October 2016

comment I was trying to make Blu-Ray disc from my .avi and .mp4 files that I have collected. I found that ConvertXtoHD did everything I wanted. It help me create create Blu-Ray disc files then burn or save them on hard disk. Good work.!! comment
13 October 2016

comment I Would have given 5 stars except the menue interface needs a little work but i love this program comment
m degenhardt
23 June 2016

comment Great software that does exactly what it says, works very well. comment
Andrew Georgiou
21 June 2016

comment Simple, easy to use but very powerful software for making blurays from various different file types. Seems very stable so far under Windows 10. comment
21 June 2016

comment works perfectly comment
11 January 2016

comment best bluray creator i have ever used comment
15 December 2015

comment Convert X to HD & DVD are by far the most feature packed and user friendly software that I have ever used to create dvd's and blue ray disc's. I can't really think of any shortcomings to this software. Well worth the money! comment
07 November 2015

comment pleased with all VSO products. comment
Gary E. Ross
21 October 2015
United states

comment Fantastic. Slow (but what would you expect) I converted a 2.2 gig file to 50 gig the result out of this world. Pity you can not better the sound though. Down_Uunder comment
01 September 2015

comment ConvertXtoHD is by far the best blu-ray burning program I\'ve ever used. You can fit more video on a 25gb blu-ray with convertxtohd then any other program out there. The selling point for me was its just like ConvertXtoDVD and I love that program too. Seems like alot of programs say they can burn blu ray but end up just making a data disk. VSO has got this down. comment
13 July 2015
United states

comment I have been making and creating DVD\'s from different formats for years but I could not find a top notch product. 5 years ago I did yet another search on Google and your company appeared \"VSO\" so I went to your web site and I read everything on the web site and did a free download tail of at that time of \'Xtodvd\' and I was thrilled at the quality and the software program itself. The above product \'ConvertXtoHD is an amazing product, it\'s design is slick and professional, very easy to add and change design or options, overall it is a truly remarkable piece of software design and function!! I have since then purchased 4 products from your website and I am completely satisfied with all of my purchases. I would like to give a huge thank-you to VSO and each individual person who works at the company for all the HARD work and the very high standard of workmanship in each of your products - Thank-you!!!! I am a loyal person and I will remain loyal to VSO as I appreciate the upgrades and the development of new products very much, you folks are MILES ahead of your competitors because you care about me the Customer! I have tried every function of your company, whether it is key retrieval, contacting support, using the help and forum all my experience has been world class and done with professionalism and respect. Here is to a very good 2015 and beyond and to VSO and company I am one very, very satisfied Customer!!!! Peter O\'Handley comment
Peter O`Handley
23 June 2015

comment Brilliant software. I\'ve been searching for a while for the ability to author Bluray discs in one easy program and I\'ve found it! comment
23 June 2015

comment I have the ultimate version. Extremely easy to use software package. You have the power to manipulate video anyway you want. Or, you can simply burn your project to DVD as is. No hassles at all. I recommend this product as your video editing and DVD burning solution. Sincerely, Lamar Minton comment
23 June 2015
Reno, nv, United states

comment Like all VSO products, ConvertXtoHD is a superb software: reliable, fast processing and high quality video conversion. VSO is VSO and it has no \"perhaps\" comment
Joe Louis Lus
24 May 2015
Moreni, Romania

comment This is a great software! comment
17 May 2015

comment For when every other program doesn\'t work or is too complicated, XtoHD is a godsend. Amazing work even back from the days of XtoDVD. comment
07 May 2015
Atlanta, ga, United states

comment I am so please with your software. Most of the time I wasted my money on expensive software which does not deliver what they meant to do. You are the BEST. comment
01 May 2015
Hobart, Australia

comment ConvertXtoHD is excellent video conversion software. It does the job, quickly and efficiently, and I\'ve never had a single problem converting video. On top of this, VSO\'s customer service is excellent, as they quickly responded to an issue, as I had ordered the wrong software, and graciously allowed me to switch to the correct version. This is how you build loyal customers. comment
Robert F.
30 April 2015
United states

comment Fastest software for creating quality Blu-ray and AVCHD with menus. Some can\'t make AVCHD. Some make Blu-rays and AVCHDs that will only play on your PC. Most free ones can\'t make menus. Some Blu-rays are jumpy/jerky when made by some programs. I have used a program that made great Blu-rays and AVCHDs with menus but it took 10 hours or more to do it. ConvertXtoHD does it all and it does it in about one fifth the time. comment
Everett ferrell
18 March 2015
United states

comment Very good program for converting BDMV to either shrink to 25GB or avchd 4300mb. Plus burn to disk, I use BD re write and burn BD movies comment
Mike J
08 February 2015

comment This is amazing software, does exactly what it says it will...very user friendly...not complicated at all. Never fails and delivers very clear results. I also own the Ultimate Blu-ray converter and onvertXtoDVD. comment
28 January 2015